USCIS Denies Citizenships (N-400) for Fathers Who Cannot Prove Child Support Payments!

Citizenship Denial Reasons

Financial support of a child by the father is considered necessary to show “good moral character”. Even if there is no demand for payments from the mother or no court-ordered child support plan, the father is expected to demonstrate financial assistance to a child that resides full-time or part-time with the mother. Absence of child support evidence is grounds for a denial.

To reduce a chance of a denial we recommend to take the following steps:

  • keep receipts for all child-related payments that you make (school supplies, doctors, insurance, clothing, payments for trips, lessons, sports, etc.)
  • make regular child support payments, even if not required by the court
  • do NOT give cash; make payments in check or bank transfer and make sure to reference “child support” in the payment


  • have a written agreement with the mother of the child waiving, outlining your obligations in the child-bearing. Make sure you have evidence to support your compliance with this agreement.
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